Roberto Firmino celebrates his highest-ever FPL score of 22 points. (Image: OfficialFPL/Twitter)

Premium assets, particularly from Liverpool finally came alive in gameweek four, while we witnessed the rise of new potential targets.

Fan favourites were left cold, creating discussion about the longevity of certain assets, leaving managers to act quick with the quick turn-around ahead of GW5.


Roberto Firmino (£8.0m): 22 points v Bournemouth

Liverpool’s number nine might have produced his most influential performance for the Reds, securing a highest score seen this FPL season.

Firmino scored twice and provided three assists, in Liverpool’s record-breaking 9-0 win over Bournemouth. His performance granted him 22 points, which included three bonus points.

Over 90,000 managers rushed to transfer him into their squads, but many FPL regulars see this is a waste. Firmino simply won’t be able to produce these numbers week in, week out.

Diogo Jota is due to be welcomed back from injury, while Darwin Nunez has one more game out due to suspension. After this, Firmino will undoubtedly be thrown back into rotation.

Erling Haaland (£11.8m): 17 points v Crystal Palace

Manchester City’s new signing scored his first hat-trick for the club in a 4-2 comeback victory over Crystal Palace. After going 2-0 down, Haaland led the line to give Manchester City the three points.

The plethora of goals gave Haaland a score of 17, which included three bonus points. However, somehow, doubt surrounds his place in many FPL squads.

Haaland is now the leading scorer in the Premier League after four gameweeks. His current tally of six goals is two more than the next best.

Due to the increased rate of fixtures, both in the Premier League and in Europe, Haaland is likely to be rotated.

Managers will be hesitant to keep Haaland and fall victim to ‘Pep Roulette’, although, they won’t want to miss out for when he does play.

Trent Alexander-Arnold (£7.5m): 17 points v Bournemouth

Alexander-Arnold was at the forefront of criticism after the opening three gameweeks. Liverpool failed to keep a clean sheet in those games and their right-back had delivered no threat in attack.

That was until he faced Bournemouth. Alexander-Arnold scored once from long range and provided the assist for the own-goal.

Alexander-Arnold walked away with 17 points, including two bonus points – his first return of the season. Managers were quick to lose their patience over him, but those who kept him are laughing now.

It is only expected that Alexander-Arnold will still be prominent in attack. For the sake of clean sheets, managers will hope that Liverpool have got their act together.

Raheem Sterling (£9.9m): 15 points v Leicester City

Sterling is finally off the mark as a Chelsea player, scoring his first and second goal in a 2-1 win over Leicester City. His performance was awarded with 12 points, plus an additional three, as a bonus.

He was surrounded with doubt by FPL managers, with many quick to remove him from their squads, and his price dropped by £0.1m.

Chelsea continue to have decent fortune with fixtures. Upcoming, Chelsea face Southampton, West Ham United and Fulham.

Sterling could well have a say in either of these fixtures. It just depends if managers decide to take the risk of keeping him or needing to transfer him in.

Luis Diaz (£8.1m): 14 points v Bournemouth

Diaz displayed fine form in Liverpool’s 9-0 demolition of Bournemouth. The Colombian scored a brace and was threatening all over the pitch.

He picked up one bonus point to add to his total. Diaz is now the highest-scoring Liverpool asset in FPL this season.

Managers debated upon selection between Diaz and Andrew Robertson for selection in their squads. Its fair to fair who is currently winning that argument.

Like Firmino, with the imminent return of Liverpool attackers, Diaz could fall victim to rotation, so managers should keep cautious of that fact.

Pascal Groß (£5.8m): 11 points v Leeds United

Groß has been an integral part of Brighton and Hove Albion’s squad this season. After four gameweeks he has only blanked once, making himself a viable option for managers.

He scored his third goal of the season in a 1-0 win against Leeds, only making him more sought after. His ownership has since grown to over 13 per cent, with interest growing.

Brighton have looked a well-oiled machine this season and their upcoming fixtures only hope to make them look stronger.

Groß has played every minute of the season for Brighton. He could be a decent value selection, if managers decide they need to make a swap in midfield.

Diogo Dalot (£4.4m): 11 points v Southampton

Manchester United achieved its first clean sheet of the season, winning 1-0 against Southampton. This result provided relief for managers holding Manchester United defender, with them finally scoring.

Dalot was the best of the bunch, not only picking up clean sheet points, but also an assist for the sole goal.

Despite this clean sheet, it wasn’t as convincing as some would have liked. Southampton attacked the Manchester United goal for the remaining 25-30 minutes of the match, where a goal could have been scored.

Nonetheless, Manchester United held their ground. Its defence still have potential for clean sheet points, but at this point in time, other assets are more appealing.

Harry Kane (£11.4m): 10 points v Nottingham Forest

Kane was the standout as Tottenham defeated Nottingham Forest 2-0. It could have been three, if Kane hadn’t have had a penalty saved by Dean Henderson.

Due to the saved penalty, Kane lost points, however was still able to notch an impressive 10 points, including three bonus points.

An interesting dilemma is forming, surrounding Kane and Haaland once again. Due to midweek fixtures, Haaland is expected to be rotated, meaning Kane could be a prime target once again.

Clarity will be restored soon, but for now it is hard to tell what pattern will form. Keep an eye on Kane in the near future as his price may rise due to popularity.

Martin Ødegaard (£6.6m): 10 points v Fulham

Ødegaard produced back-to-back double-figure hauls, first against Bournemouth and now against Fulham.

One goal and three bonus points granted him another high score. He is beginning to establish himself as a Mesut Özil-type figure, due to his skill, vision and creativity.

Astonishingly, Ødegaard is only the fourth-most owned Arsenal asset, with a 17.4 per cent ownership rate. Behind the likes of Gabriel Martinelli, Oleksandr Zinchenko and Gabriel Jesus.

Ødegaard could continue to rise in popularity still. Being the Arsenal captain, he is more likely to start most matches. His influence in the Arsenal squad is only going to put more eyes on his name.

Dean Henderson (£4.6m): 9 points v Tottenham Hotspur

Despite Nottingham Forest falling 2-0 to the hands of Tottenham, its goalkeeper – Henderson – gave managers something to smile about.

Henderson saved his second penalty of the 2022/23 Premier League campaign, when Kane stepped up to the plate.

His score was boosted due to this action. As the cherry on top, he was awarded with two bonus points despite his side losing.

Penalties don’t come around very often, nor do saved penalties. Albeit, Henderson will be lucky to have many returns due to the weak Nottingham Forest defence.

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Chris Mepham (£4.5m): -4 points v Liverpool

If conceding nine goals as a defender wasn’t bad enough, try scoring one of the goals for your opposition simultaneously.

This is what happened to the luckless Mepham who scored -4 points when Liverpool trounced Bournemouth.

Mepham essentially scored Liverpool’s sixth goal in the first minute of the second half, off the back of an Alexander-Arnold cross.

Thankfully, Mepham is only owned by 0.1 per cent of managers, meaning only a handful of managers were struck by this score.

Joao Cancelo (£7.1m): 0 points v Crystal Palace

Cancelo, unfortunately had now faced back-to-back blanks, thanks to Newcastle United and now Crystal Palace.

Crystal Palace stormed to a 2-0 lead against the reigning champions, immediately ending the hopes for a clean sheet for Manchester City assets.

Cancelo only played 60 minutes on the pitch, so he avoided other minus points such as yellow or red cards, yet still disappointed managers.

Once he was taken from the pitch, Manchester City clawed their way back to win 4-2. A part that Cancelo could have played a part in, in attack.

Gabriel Jesus (£8.2m): 1 point v Fulham

Despite his pre-season form and one match in particular, Jesus hasn’t had the greatest start, FPL wise.

The Brazilian suffered his lowest and second blank score of the season. Jesus had no immediate impact in either of Arsenal’s goals and was also cautioned, lowering his score more.

Doubt is beginning to form around Jesus, begging the question: is there better value available and was he worth the hype?

At this stage it is hard to tell, as managers reflect on his 19-point performance against Leicester City in GW2. Despite that performance, he hasn’t fared as well.

Arsenal’s fixtures make him too good to be passed up on, in case he is involved – which is a high chance.

Neco Williams (£4.1m): 1 point v Tottenham Hotspur

Keep in mind, Williams is originally a £4.0m defender. He is merely sitting on managers’ benches most gameweeks.

Despite this, he is owned by nearly 30 per cent of managers in the game. It is unlikely that even half of managers that owned him, fielded him in GW4.

Williams still poses a big threat, when Nottingham Forest go forward. He is notorious for having the ability to swing in crosses, similar to an Alexander-Arnold-type figure.

Managers shouldn’t have any rush selling him. He will sit on the bench most gameweeks and on the odd chance he does have an impact, his price may rise.

Kevin De Bruyne (£12.2m): 2 points v Crystal Palace

De Bruyne suffered his first blank of the season, when Manchester defeated Crystal Palace, 4-2.

Instead, midfield options like Bernardo Silva and Ilkay Gündogan were able to pose more threat, when Manchester City launched their comeback.

Perhaps an unlucky result, De Bruyne is one of the few nailed on Manchester City assets, meaning he will feature in more games than not.

De Bruyne offers plenty going forward, and should still be a threat for managers to use to look for, if possible.

Ivan Toney (£7.2m): 2 points v Everton

Toney was another highly-owned asset that didn’t get his way in GW4.

After returns in the opening three gameweeks, Toney only managed two points against a struggling Everton side.

Toney has shown his ability to not only score score goals, but put them on a platter of teammates to pounce on. He has four goals and assists so far this season and looks primed to continue his ways.

His price has risen by £0.2m since the beginning of the season, displaying his ever-increasing popularity. He should continue to be a decent selection, but the odd blank is always around the corner, as it is for every asset.

Rodrigo Moreno (£6.5m): 2 points v Brighton and Hove Albion

Rodrigo left an impression on majority of managers, after his opening three matches. With 35 points from gameweeks one to three, Rodrigo not only grew in price, but popularity.

He has since risen by £0.5m, the most of any player in the game and is now the second-highest scorer in FPL so far this season.

Leeds United have an attractive line-up of fixtures ahead and if Rodrigo continues to be at the forefront of that attack, he is destined for more points.

Don’t be afraid to get in on the Rodrigo train – even this late, as his price is still quite low for the points that he is producing.

Gabriel Martinelli (£6.4m): 2 points v Fulham

Second to Rodrigo, Martinelli has risen £0.4m this season already, leaving a mark on managers that both own him and destine to own him.

Martinelli since leapfrogged the likes of Bukayo Saka in popularity by a big margin, but has failed to deliver points.

Instead, it was Saka that got points for an assist against Fulham, hurting those who may have transferred him out for Martinelli.

As both players have had a decent share of attacking returns, Martinelli still oozes more value. A cheaper price point and potential to grow has him set in many squads.

Kieran Trippier (£5.1m): 2 points v Wolves

Yet another asset to suffer his first blank of the season was Trippier. The Newcastle right-back was shut down in attack as a valiant Wolves defence kept their doors shut.

Remember, Trippier has the ability to provide crosses into the box and has his place on set-pieces for Newcastle.

These have been displayed since the beginning of the season and for £5.1m, you can’t miss it. Even as a fourth value defender, Trippier could still find his way into more squads soon.

Trippier mightn’t be one to get in ahead of GW5 however, as The Toon travel to Liverpool. The Reds look scarier than before, after handing Bournemouth a 9-0 smashing.

Mohamed Salah (£13.0m): 3 points v Bournemouth

Salah was the most frustrating asset to own in GW4. Not only did his side put nine past Bournemouth, he played no part in any of the goals.

Before this, Salah had nine returns against Bournemouth, from just six games. Managers were hopeful that he could provide any attacking return.

Astonishingly, he failed to do so. To make things more frustrating, Salah missed two opportunities inside the six-yard box, which could have made things look much different.

Despite this, from an FPL point of view, managers should be excited. He displays, week in, week out that he is a danger to any team on his given day.

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